Ja men okejdå! Hejhej!

Hehe, se där ja! ;) 


Hur ska jag ens kunna göra skolarbete, när jag knappt kan ta mig genom dagen utan att drunkna i tankar? 

Med musik, musik är som terapi för själen har jag ibland märkt! 


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The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.

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Saknaden av en person kan vara en av de värsta smärtorna man kan genomgå, oavsett vad för kärlek det gäller…

Vissa döljer sin egen smärta genom att hjälpa andra…


That still only counts as one!

Gimli son of Glóin

Pre Memoria

If you see this, it means you have surrvived every test life has thrown at you. Every uphill you have climbed, every speedbump have you passed and every loss you have gotten over. I want YOU to turn to the mirror, look straight at yourself and realize what a wonderful and strong person it is looking back at you. See the strength in the eyes of a tiger who earned it’s stripes! Everyone of us have gone through diffrent tests and hardships and the way we have faced them in defines who you have become.

And damn you if you doubt yourself just because of some guy or girl that have no knowledge of you or your past. You have shown all the haters that you’re not going down, no matter what! Why stop now?

Your smile is the most powerful weapon you have, with that charming smile of yours no one will be able to resist you.

They told me that to make someone fall for me I gotta make the person smile, but everytime I see that smile and hear that adorable laughter, I am the one falling in love.